New Collection!

So, you may or may not know there’s a new catalogue due out in February… As always, you can trust the Keep the Beat team to bring you the inside scoop, so just to tide you over until next month, here are some sneaky pictures from backstage at the photo shoot.

  1. gül-co? butik

    yeni sezon yeni model ve renkler.
    insan bir heyacan duyuyor içimiz k?p?r k?p?r,özlemini çekti?imiz pembeler, maviler, sar?lar ve i?te harika tasarlanm?? ?ortlar,mevsimlik keten ceketler çok güzel elinize sa?l?k, biz çok diliyoruz.

  2. Tautvile

    I believe that the catalog will be very interesting to look at. I can’t wait :)

  3. elena!

    j’adore !!!!
    oh oui vivement la sortie du catalogue !!!
    en attendant je me régale sur l’appli de mon iphone :D

  4. Gemeladas

    Me encanta la nueva colección!!!!! estoy deseando que esté a la venta!!!
    Muchos besos.

  5. Nuria

    Dear Mango:
    I really would like to know, why the ” almost white silk like underwear” shorts that the model is wearing at the Mango Spring Catwalk is not available to buy online at the website. Or it is not a link that brings you to those shorts the model is wearing. Instead of those beautiful shorts, I found that “saffari” shorts. Well they’re cool, but the outfit is amazing and completely different to what we have been seeing during all this seasons with those white silk shorts.

    I really would like to sugget that it would really be a good idea that when someoune is going to buy online,one could see the outfit of the models in the way they appear at the catwalk or at the catalogue. In these pictures you can see how clothes fit on the models the context, everything and this is something that appeals the client senses and make us to buy.
    Sincerely with that nonsenses pictures of the web page, they lack of sensivity, glam, and class. They seem those “Venca” and “Redoutte” cold pictures.

    In spite of everything I really love Mango Style, I checked your amazing outfits for this spring season, and it is completely amazing, fresh, chic… I can’t wait that spring begins to wear most of your designs.

    Continue like this, you do a great job!

    Best Wishes,

    Núria Segui

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