How long have you had your blog?

- It’s about to be 2 years in February 2011, so excited!

What did you do before the blog? And what are you doing besides the blog?

-I’ve interned and worked for many amazing people. I’ve interned at WGSN, at Kanye West’s label Pastelle, (which unfortunately was never launched),
worked in wardrobe with the amazing Erin Hirsh and Hillary Olson for Rihanna’s concert tour, worked with Monica Rose, Kim Kardashianís stylist, assisted in Adam Lambert’s music video, worked in Yaya Aflalo’s showroom…I mean, I did many other things before I started this blog.
Now, I do freelance styling and consulting and focus on the blog.

Is the blog opening new doors for you?

- The blog has definitely opened up many doors for me that otherwise I wouldn’t have had the chance to do! My work, style, look, is wide open to everyone
around the world through my blog, and itís an open invitation for brands, companies to contact me and give me amazing opportunities!

How much time do you invest daily on your blog?

- Even though I may not blog daily, I still work on different things every day that I can possibly blog about. I go out and take photos about different things that inspire me, I scout locations, check out different websites/photographers/etc, check out other blogs, reply to emails, etc. Itís like a full time job!

Who takes your pictures?

- It depends whoís available to take my photos, but I do a lot of the photography when it comes down to product/inspiration shots. And then when it’s outfit photos
my boyfriend takes my photos. But if he’s not available sometimes my sisters or a couple of my close friends do it.

Do you have many collaborations on your blog?

- I’ve had many collaborations on my blog, mainly with companies that want to do a cool giveaway for my readers. But more with brands that send me amazing stuff so I can wear and blog about it.

What are the best and worst parts of being a fashion blogger?

- The best thing about being a fashion blogger is all the incredible opportunities that can come your way, traveling, collaborating with fun/great brands/companies, meeting so many people, pushing the envelope when it comes to style and having people around the world appreciate it, forming friendships with so many people who share the same passion and interests as you.
The worst part of being a blogger is the expectations that everyone has for you and your blog.

Where are you living?

- I live in Los Angeles, in my favorite little place called Silver Lake!

Where do you find your inspirations?

- I find my inspirations just about anywhere, but my biggest inspirations are my family, friends and bf!

Do you take pictures every day?

- I try and take pictures almost every day, even if itís not outfit photos, I take photos of just about anything: what I’m eating, the sunset, a cool street, etc.

Whatís the funniest or weirdest email youíve received from a fan?

- I love my readers and I always get such sweet emails, I think the cutest has been that Iíve had several readers email me letting me know that they took my photo (and not of a celebrity) to the hair stylist and asked them to do their hair just like mine! SO cute and flattering!

Whatís your favorite style? And what do you consider a perfect look?

- A little bit of everything, grungey, chic, androgynous, vintage! A perfect look would be something that’s effortless but with great colors + prints.

Whatís a fashion blogger? More a fashion editor, a stylist, a photographer???

- A fashion blogger is a multi-tasker and does a little bit of everything. We’re fashion editors because we edit the final content that goes up on the blog, stylists because we put outfits together for ourselves or when we work with different brands/companies, photographers because we take our photos, researchers because we research new things to blog about.

picture from sincerelyjules.com

Tell us what your favorite blogs are?

- I have many favorite blogs, some of my favorites are ohjoy.blogs.com, weliveyoung.com, wildfox, leblogdebetty, karlascloset, asubtleapproach.com

Recommend a style or ideal look for next Spring Summer 2011…

-Sheer, sheer, sheer!!! Anything sheer goes!

Whatís still on your wishlist? What clothes for this season?

- An iPad/BlackBerry playbook! Perfect for blogging on the go!
As far as clothes are concerned, I’m still on the hunt for a sheer long maxi!

picture from sincerelyjules.com

How would you define your style?

- I donít like to define my style, I wear what I like, what I feel comfortable in, what catches my attention. My style is a representation of everything I love.

Can you recommend an illustrator?

- Shannon Stokes, found him through sea of shoes!

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