Once again, we are clothing men and women and presenting our Spring-Summer 2010 collection at the Caja Mágica in Madrid. This collection, named PURE LIGHT, plays with two key elements: pureness and simplicity.


Our new collection combines naturality and simplicity in its silhouettes, while experimenting with contrast and volume. The result takes us back to the years of the “new look”, to a Mediterranean trip where blues and greys are mixed with whites, natural tones and red accents.


Inevitably, this search for comfort and functionality leads us to items from the masculine wardrobe: more fluid suits that contrast with very feminine shapes resulting from draping, gathering and pleating.


To make these pure lines richer, natural materials and textures or materials with a natural look are used. For example, lace, broderie anglaise, braids, raffia and ribbons provide a handcrafted touch which places it closer to sophistication and far from the rustic look.

Equally, the collection includes timeless pieces like the safari jacket, with a romantic touch, making it both functional and sexy, and introduces khaki as the base colour for the season, both for men and women

In addition, the new HE HOMINI EMERITO collection translates this search for comfort into washed and creased effects applied to unstructured forms and denim-look fabrics in a varied range of blues which express a more casual feel.


This season we present our new LIMITED EDITION collections

MOISES DE LA RENTA FOR MANGO is a limited edition of t-shirts where the designer offers a new interpretation of this garment in different forms: embellished with jewel and stone details and tulle and giving it that luxury customised feel, as well as creating graphic illusions by playing with key symbols that combine effects like transparencies and patchwork.



The winner of the second edition of the international competition EL BOTON – MANGO FASHION AWARDS designs a limited edition collection for the brand this season. LEE JEAN YOUN FOR MANGO mixes simplicity and romance with a touch of the European rocker style. Coats, trench coats, shirts, cotton trousers, gladiator shoes and hats are all included in this collection. The colour palette is composed of grey, black, white and beige, combined with wine red, ash and khaki tones. The resulting look is very natural, thanks to the mixture of carefully washed and manufactured material.

With MANGO BY ZUHAIR MURAD, the Lebanese designer delights us with a collection specially designed for Arab countries and inspired by the disco craze of the 80s. Its long dresses with black mirrored detailing are a clear reference to disco style. The main colours used are blue, lilac and black, all very uniform and without patterns to create shocking party dresses. Among the fabrics and materials used we find georgette crepe, chiffon and classic lace, in addition to pleating.