An improvised summer in October

Last week we spent 3 unforgettable days on the island of Ibiza with 5 incredible bloggers, Gala Gonzalez, Chiara, Andy Torres, Jules and Aimee and the guys from Cup of Couple, who captured everything that happened there with their cameras and cheered us up with their laughter and positive attitude.

The weather in Ibiza was 100% summer in October. What a delight!

The girls arrived on Monday from different points around the globe, from Los Angeles to Amsterdam. When they arrived at their rooms, they encountered some gifts from MANGO, including some outfits for the evening and a yoga kit, which included a personalised towel, not to mention some MANGO TOUCH jewellery to adorn their outfits.

The following day, a 4×4 came to collect them and we went directly to Cala Salada to enjoy a yoga session and recharge our batteries for autumn following Fashion Week. The day on the beach was luxurious and the sun shone brightly. Once we had recharged our batteries, we returned to Hotel Es Cucons, a rural hotel with plenty of style, since each room was different but just as nice. After some time relaxing, we started the DIY workshop. Awaiting them was a table full of chains, studs, safety pins, lace, etc. Everything you could imagine to customise a garment with lots of personality. The workshop was run by a designer from the MANGO Jeans range, who helped and advised the girls on selecting the materials. The workshop was a success, with each blogger adding their creative touch to a denim jacket. Gala used an ethnic fabric; Chiara converted the jacket into a waistcoat with crochet details; Andy lined the pocket with bright stones; Aimee went for gold chains and studs and Jules added some shiny jewels and lace to the shoulders of the jacket. They all looked great. Once each one had finished, they all created an exclusive for the MANGO fans. Shortly, we will be holding a prize draw in which you could win the prized item prepared by the bloggers: a basic denim jacket with ethnic fabric details on the shoulders and on the buttons and studs and crochet lace on the back.

The third and final day, before catching their plane home, the girls enjoyed a relaxing massage at the Hotel Es Cucons.

They were three perfect days, in which we shared laughter, fruit juices and plenty of positive energy in one of the best Mediterranean islands.


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