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NAME: Andy Torres
COUNTRY: Mexico but now resident in Amsterdam

We know that you look after yourself and that sport is a key part of your daily routine: what do you normally do to stay in shape?
I love running, not just as physical exercise but also as a way of relieving stress. I was an athlete for nearly 8 years so I am used to doing regular exercise. It is something that I need in my life as part of my routine, which is why I also love going to the gym and using the weights.

Have you done yoga or any type of relaxation?
Yes! I love doing yoga although sometimes, owing to a lack of time or having to travel so much, I can’t, but I have just found a studio where I want to practice more days a week.

When you go running in Amsterdam, where do you normally go?
I usually go to Amsterdamse Bos, which is our version of Central Park. It is a huge wood, so I don’t get bored of looking at the same thing all the time. When it’s raining, I have no choice but to run in the gym, although I get very bored.

Some advice for our customers?
The most difficult thing is taking the decision to start doing exercise and persevering during the first week, but once it becomes a routine, it becomes addictive, especially when you begin to see the results. So… don’t give up during the first week!

What do you look for in a sports garment?
Comfort without sacrificing style. In truth, the gym is not a fashion show, although this does not stop you from wanting to look good!

Do you think that fashion and sport go together?
For me, yes. Aesthetics is one of the things I look for most when choosing garments I wear to do exercise.

Recommend us a perfect day in Amsterdam.
Walk around the nine streets (9 stratjes), a real hipster area in Amsterdam full of boutiques and cafés. You’re bound to find the perfect spot to go shopping, eat or have a coffee. If you want to see Amsterdam from a different perspective and it’s your first time, you can hire one of those little boats to see the city from the canals. You must not miss the Van Gogh museum either.

Which trend is a must-have in your wardrobe this winter?
A colourful coat! You have to brighten up those grey and rainy days with a colourful garment and a statement coat is the best way.

What new projects do you have?
I’m very fortunate to be able to work in what I love and this has given me some incredible opportunities in recent years. I have several projects which I cannot discuss yet but many are related to things that my readers have been requesting for years now. Watch this space!

Tell us about your experience with the Elle Mexico programme.
Being part of such a large project in my country was a great honour. Not only has it opened up many doors, but also allowed me to see firsthand the quantity of talent that exists in Mexico, something I’m very proud of.


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This season we have been lucky enough to count on international blogger Kristina Bazan (Kayture) as MANGO’s exclusive insider during New York Fashion Week. During her stay in the Big Apple she has attended the most important shows and events in the industry. Would you like to know first hand her impressions and get to see the MANGO outfits she’s chosen for each occasion? Don’t miss the opportunity to check out her daily looks below!

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Our woman’s collection has gone mini to invade the wardrobe of the little ones in the family.


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DENIM ON DENIM by Jessica Stein

Jessica, Australian and passionate about travelling, reveals her denim side at the photo shoot that took place in July in Barcelona. We visited the former printing works, now converted into a restaurant, in Plaza Real, Restaurante Ocaña. Don’t miss it!

NAME: Jessica Stein
COUNTRY: Australia
INSTAGRAM: @tuulavintage
TWITTER: @tuulavintage


-We can see that you are passionate about travelling and by following you on Instagram, we also noticed you can’t stay still in one city. Which cities would you recommend?
I adore travelling and getting lost in new cities. I have many favourite places throughout the world for different reasons, but my personal favourite so far are Cinque Terre in Italy, Rio in Brazil and Ik Kil Cenote in Mexico.

-What’s the most versatile outfit for travelling?

Because I live in Australia and have to travel so much it often means very long flights. For maximum comfort I always wear a pair of my favourite skinny jeans, a matching baggy t-shirt or a knitwear garment, a jacket and some boots. I then carry a small over the shoulder bag for personal items needed on the flight, and a larger carry-on bag for my camera and laptop.

-In your suitcase, there’s always…
Small souvenirs from all over the world. Ranging from postcards written to myself about an experience while there, clothing and coins in many different currencies. I like finding souvenirs for myself and my family, not just for a quick tourist fix but of something with more meaning, like small pebbles and shells from beaches in Greece, France and Mexico etc.

-Why the name Tuula?
While travelling for the first time in Europe I heard that Tuula is a girl’s name that originates from the Finnish word for “Wind” (Tuuli). When I first started my blog this is the first name that came to mind as my blog is a reflection of how I ‘go with the wind’.

-You are Australian, how would you define the “Aussie” style?
The “Aussie” style is quite relaxed to complement our warm climate. Throughout Australia there are different styles depending on the culture and location; for example on the coast of Sydney you will find colourful cut-outs and prints, whereas in Melbourne locals have mastered layering garments in darker tones.

-Do you have any style icons?
I think I find more style inspiration from the streets while travelling rather than a single person. From the simplistic yet chic girls riding their motorbikes around Copenhagen, the flowing dresses along the romantic Riviera, the urban outfits of New York’s SoHo district, to the women selling traditional embroided clothing in Mexican markets.

- What kind of jeans suit you best?
I prefer wearing tight skinny jeans. Although I also love wearing baggy boyfriend jeans and turned-up straight leg jeans, I find that skinny jeans have always looked better on me because of my height.

-What are the perfect occasions for a “denim on denim” look?
There are numerous occasions to wear denim on denim. While travelling or running around during the day wear a denim shirt with half of the hem tucked in to the front of belted skinny denim jeans. Or for a night outfit wear a dark denim jacket over a lighter denim shirt, tucked in to a high-waisted leather skirt.

- Define your style.
I always find it hard to define my style as I am attracted to so many different elements and it is constantly evolving. I like simple pieces that complement or juxtapose each other, focusing on things like the cut, texture and colour.

-A tip for MANGO customers.
My tip for MANGO customers would be to invest in a large wardrobe stock featuring items such as tight jeans, a leather jacket, a crisp white shirt, ankle boots etc. You can always add more on-trend pieces throughout the different seasons.

-Your must-have garment this autumn (something denim).
My must-have item for this autumn would be a light-coloured denim jacket. Versatile to wear and easy to combine with any garment or any denim outfit or a boho dress.



The most comfortable jeans of the season, a reworking of men’s jeans adapted to a woman’s body. Ideal for achieving a grunge look, we recommend combining them with check or denim shirts, or sweatshirts.

*Style tip: try them in 1 or 2 sizes above your normal size.

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